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‘Twas the Night Before the Board Meeting

December 23, 2013
by Jacque Porte

'Twas the night before the Board meeting,
and all through City Hall
everyone was in a panic,
progress had slowed to a crawl.

Resolutions meant for Finance
were over at Planning,
and thousands of attachments
were in much need of scanning.

"The numbering’s a mess!"
The clerk cried into his tea,
"I just wanted to add
attachments one, two, and three!"

Seventeen emails in all
the board members had sent
requesting the budget reports
tolling what they had spent.

But nothing was ready!
It was a dreadful sight:
The outline was sparse
The outlook wasn’t bright.

The Manager sat at his desk,
thinking all the night through,
‘til an idea arrived:
"We’ll call IQM2!"

"We’re sick of this agenda,"
He said on the phone, "Just sick!
Help us out now,
We need MinuteTraq, quick!"

He added, “MediaTraq, too,
And of course e-Boardroom
come fix it all,
come lighten this gloom!

When we IQM2 folks started
they thought it was heaven—
automated workflows, templates, efficiency,
and support 24/7?

The next agenda went out
with plenty of time,
and the city had saved
substantially more than a dime.

Now they had paperless agendas,
and live-streaming media, too,
a searchable web portal, quick publishing
and official templates, all shiny and new.

"Merry Christmas from IQM2,"
we said, and bid them goodnight,
and they enjoyed their holiday
knowing everything was alright.

Season’s greetings from IQM2! Please enjoy our Holiday Video and have a great holiday and a happy New Year!

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