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Strategies for Rethinking Your IT Workforce

February 7, 2014
by Jacque Porte

GovTech recently provided us with an excellent series of strategies for streamlining your IT workforce. These suggestions will help you to make your current team more efficient as well as to attract resourceful new employees.

The recommendations emphasize digitizing current procedures and outsourcing where possible. This includes shifting the focus on specialized tasks, such as live-streaming of media and integration of meeting agendas with video, to outside companies who can provide the hardware, software, and 24/7 support for those services. So check out some of GovTech’s strategies below, and contact us here at IQM2 to help make your IT workforce a success!

  • Outsource, go to cloud computing and hire contract labor to fill gaps. Some jurisdictions, like San Diego County, Calif., have successfully outsourced nearly all their IT for years.
  • Encourage retirees to phase out gradually. When special skills are needed, and procedure allows it, bring them back on a part-time or temporary basis.
  • Look at job classifications. See if requirements for entry-level positions are set too high, and design some jobs so interns can get a foot in the door.
  • Reduce obstacles to hiring. If you have a six-month hiring process, be prepared to lose potential hires to other opportunities.
  • Promote your strengths. Highlight the chance to make a difference and to work on large projects that are of value to the community.
  • Get current staff members involved in recruiting. “Every member of our team has an expectation that they are to support our ongoing recruitment efforts,” said Michael Katz, human resources director for the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology. Deborah Layton-Root, Colorado statewide chief HR officer, said some agencies are allowed to do their own recruitment incentives and can reward an employee who refers someone who stays for six to 12 months.
  • Work with community colleges and other resources to recruit college graduates and those retraining in IT. For example, the state of Colorado, the city of Denver, the Denver airport and a number of counties have teamed up to pilot a shared IT candidate pipeline.
  • Participate in a community college advisory committee related to IT training and internships. Share what you need and how the workforce is changing.
  • For career days, organize interviews and be prepared to make an offer to good candidates. Try to attract candidates early in their training and get them connected with government through an internship.
  • Hold hackathons to get young people involved in developing useful apps for the community and working with public agencies.
  • Post video presentations of job openings on YouTube, featuring successful people at that position demonstrating what’s required, what the workday is like, etc.
  • Create regional teams to handle common systems. Austin and other governments in the region work together on cybersecurity, vendor management and public safety dispatch.

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