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Three Steps to Help Simplify Your Workflow

February 11, 2014
by Jacque Porte

One area where many organizations spend too much time and frustration is in creating and approving agenda items. Here are three ways that you can streamline your workflow and avoid the urge to pull your own hair out.

Create a Template: One of the most formidable issues in creating an agenda is formatting, and this issue can be compounded by several different preparers (or those who create agenda items) submitting information in different fonts and layouts. MinuteTraq's Custom Documents can help you boost your accountability by providing fool-proof templates so that your preparers need only type their information into the indicated fields and send the item off to the next step in the workflow.

Streamline and Document Your Workflow: Each item must follow a certain route based on its originating department, category, and legislative file type. Make sure you use a workflow organization tool such as MinuteTraq's Workflow Designer so that your agency uses the most efficient workflow and to avoid confusion from infrequent submitters. Another excellent tool is a training specialist who is familiar with a range of workflows who can offer suggestions for eliminating unnecessary steps and speeding-up the approval process (MinuteTraq has those, too!). You’ll also want to have a system that allows approval from an individual on behalf of a department, a delegate on behalf on an individual, and of course from specific users as the need arises.

Track Agenda Items: Another challenge is ensuring each agenda item receives the appropriate approval before it moves on to the next step and definitely before it is added to the agenda itself. Use a system that will allow you to track each agenda item according to meeting, status, originating department, or unique number. MinuteTraq has the added feature of allowing users with the certain permissions to supersede the workflow if necessary.

The best path to accountability is using a system that encourages and facilitates streamlining your current workflow while still providing the flexibility to adapt to a quirky or changing process. Here at IQM2, we thrive on making frustrated managers and clerks into slightly less-frustrated managers and clerks. So contact us–we’d be happy to help you simplify your organization’s workflow!

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