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Click to View : Agenda Generate Options

Agenda Generate Options

The Agenda Wizard tool makes agenda preparation flexible and easy. The meeting organizer will open the Agenda Wizard for a meeting and all the submitted meeting topics will show in a list of available agenda items. With our one-click agenda simply auto-fill the agenda and the items are automatically placed into the agenda outline tree. The meeting organizer can easily drag and drop agenda items, sort them, create headings and sub-headings, number items and arrange the agenda however they want. A default outline can easily be saved for each meeting type so that default headings and template based text is automatically placed into the agenda for you.

Generating the agenda and agenda packets is easy. MinuteTraq gives the option to generate in Word or PDF format. The agenda packet can automatically be assembled and numbered into a single PDF for publishing and distributing. Cover memos can be automatically generated for select agenda items. The cover memos can be placed into the packet followed by all of the attached documents.

The agenda is also easily regenerated after small changes are made through our Fast Regeneration Technology.

Click to View : Import Agenda & Parse

Import Agenda & Parse

For customers that already have an agenda and want to use our Minutes Maker, Video Streaming, E-Boardroom and other post meeting tools our software can import your agenda from a Word or PDF format. MinuteTraq can also parse out the agenda items from your imported agenda and populate our Minutes Maker so that you can timestamp, record votes, discussions and produce the minutes of the meeting.

Click to View : Minutes Archive Index

Minutes Archive Index

Some organizations still require a book of minutes to be published. Our system can save you months of work by generating paper indexes of all the documents and agenda topics. These paper indexes will list the items by date, title, number, category, sponsor, project and other indexes. Every page number and meeting date of all the minutes can be listed in the indexes for each item even if an item appeared in multiple meetings.

Click to View : Audit Trail

Audit Trail

One of the integral components of a meeting management system is the ability to efficiently track and audit actions as they take place from the beginning to the end of the process. Our audit tracking enables organizations to have complete visibility and historical access to all organization activities.

Click to View : E-Boardroom Agenda

E-Boardroom Agenda

Our E-Boardroom has the ability to display any number of screens on an overhead projector or plasma television for audience viewing. The Agenda view will keep the audience informed as to which agenda item is currently being discussed and can display checkmarks next to each item as it is completed. The agenda view is automatically synchronized with our Minutes Maker tool so there is no extra work necessary.

Click to View : E-Boardroom Speaker Queue

E-Boardroom Speaker Queue

For customers that have purchased a Microphone system that works with our E-Boardroom, the Presenter Screen can be configured to display a Speaker Queue. Pictures of all the speakers can be setup to be displayed and when the number of active speakers (configurable) is reached, additional speakers will line up in the queue on the right.

Click to View : E-Boardroom Vote Screen

E-Boardroom Vote Screen

The E-Boardroom also allows boardmembers to vote electronically on agenda topics. As a motion is started the presenter screen can be setup to automatically display the agenda topic information and the votes in realtime with each boardmember's picture.

Click to View : Letter Factory

Letter Factory

The Letter Factory is one of the most useful post meeting tools in our suite. By setting up distribution lists and linking them to categories or individual topics, letters can automatically be created to send out updates, progress reports, copies of legislation, legal notices and other information to the proper channels. Typically legal notices are sent to newspapers, departments can be copied on items they submitted, and sponsors or stakeholders can be kept informed of progress.

Click to View : MediaTraq Encoder

MediaTraq Encoder

Our MediaTraq Encoder utility simplifies the encoding and streaming process by allowing the users to simply select the meeting date and press record. When the meeting ends the user can push stop and everything else is taken care of - streaming, encoding, archiving, uploading, publishing, and more.

Click to View : MediaTraq Webcast

MediaTraq Webcast

For Video Streaming, the webcasts can appear in a very intuitive layout allowing the viewers to watch the video, follow the agenda, click agenda items and view the details on the right side of the screen. Viewers can easily switch to full screen video, view the agenda or minutes, get vote results and download attachments. The viewer also supports closed captioning for customers that choose to be ADA compliant.

Click to View : Minutes Maker

Minutes Maker

Our robust Minutes Maker tool can be used during and after the meeting to record the actions and discussions of the meetings. The tool can easily generate the minutes of the meeting in Word or PDF format and publish them to the web portal. With the combination of our MediaTraq solution, we empower you to easily transcribe your minutes from the video or audio recording.

Click to View : Minutes Maker Vote

Minutes Maker Vote

This utility is a wonderful time saver and efficient tracking mechanism. During the meeting by simply clicking once you can capture all vote results as they happened. This data is then captured in the system and transposed to your minutes (should you choose).

Click to View : Numbering Documents

Numbering Documents

Automatic process ensures all documents, including those imported via our virtual PDF printer, are accurately numbered for ease of use and tracking purposes.

Click to View : Meeting Portal Dashboard

Meeting Portal Dashboard

Our Citizen Web portal empowers viewers to visit your site and watch the live or on-demand Webcasts of your meetings. Our unique Webcast solution not only can display the agenda and minutes of the meetings but also synchronizes the video with the individual agenda items. Viewers are able to search, browse & click on a Resolution, Ordinance, Public Hearing or any agenda item and instantly jump to that part of the meeting while displaying the document and the actions taken at the meeting on the right. All stakeholders now have full visibility.

For customers that have our MinuteTraq solution this is all an automatic feature that requires no additional work.

Click to View : Meeting Portal Live Webcast

Meeting Portal Live Webcast

All viewers and remote stakeholders are able to watch their meetings from anyplace in the world by accessing the Self Service Portal. Public Sector Executives/Stakeholders and Citizens have advised us that this flexibility has generated significant empowerment within their organizations and the community at large.

Click to View : Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Clients are our first concern at IQM2 and one of the features we have built into our M2 application is a intuitive Remote Assistance feature that will ensure we can assist you at a moment’s notice.

Click to View : Document History

Document History

Again another example of full visibility and process control. Users and defined stakeholders have complete awareness of what occurred with a particular document; ordinance resolution, board memo, project plan etc. from meeting to meeting. What was the outcome; who approved what; what are the next steps. Very imperative for a well run organization.

Click to View : Document Entry

Document Entry

This adaptable utility enables you to customize exactly what information and what work flow you want to be attached to the document; whether it be a resolution, board memo ordinance or a project budget document you have the ability to ensure all the necessary data and steps are automated for ensuring an efficient and traceable process.

Click to View : Document Entry

Document Entry

This adaptable utility enables you to customize exactly what information and what work flow you want to be attached to the document; whether it be a resolution, board memo ordinance or a project budget document you have the ability to ensure all the necessary data and steps are automated for ensuring an efficient and traceable process.

Click to View : MinuteTraq Application

MinuteTraq Application

The MinuteTraq system is our end-to-end meeting management system software solution that will allow everyone within your organization to easily collaborate more efficiently throughout the meeting process. This system will enable all of your departments to submit agenda items for a meeting along with documents and attachments. Meeting organizers will quickly be able to create agenda packets, minutes, send out letters and legal notices and publish to a public web portal. Coupled with intuitive and robust search capabilities this system will prove to be a valuable resource; saving you time and money while providing a better service to your constituents. A very valuable combination in this economic and social climate.

Click to View : Document Search

Document Search

The extensive search capabilities inherent in MinuteTraq will add tremendous value to your organization. All your information, decisions, approvals, fiduciary data will be right at your fingerprints. Clients have advised us this has saved them thousands of hours over the course of a year. Access to information is a critical operational need.

Click to View : User Management

User Management

Determine who has what rights and authorities in your organization. Do they have sufficient authority to approve documents and modify workflow, or for that matter, review information? You have complete control over internal and external access to information.

Click to View : Work Planner

Work Planner

The work planner is a critical meeting utility and possibly the most important component of a meeting management system. What is the sense of having a meeting if you are not following up on your deliverables or tracking who is required to do what within the same system. The work planner is an invaluable asset to public sector officials as it tracks all follow up activities and provides complete visibility into what has been completed and what is outstanding. This information can be linked from meeting to meeting and be present on meeting documents if desired.

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